Arty Party 

The perfect place to have your own

Arty Party is at Art by the Tracks with

Day Barnes! It is by far the most fun

way to celebrate a birthday. 

Needlepoint Faces 

Artist Leanna Leithauser Lesley, whose show "Shaken by the Roots" is featured in our lower galleries, is a fiber artist driven by the power of jazz music. She has been doing needlepoint from a very young age. Each piece of art that she does is based on a different image, so the buyer will always know they have an original. A lot of Leanna's inspiration comes from old jazz album art, and you can almost feel the music in the portraits.

Find her on Facebook at Leanna Leithauser Lesley and Instagram @needlepointfaces

Visit her website

JaKub Goes to an Art Show 

Check this out! Artist Winfred Hawkins, whose show "Reality is Not Real" is currently on display in the upper level galleries, also has a YouTube channel! His latest video features a tour of his exhibit here at the Johnson Center.

Find him on Facebook @33Akachi or on Instagram @winfredhawkins

You're Invited 

You are invited to join us for a reception honoring artists Winfred Hawkins and Leanna Lesley here at the Johnson Center for the Arts on Thursday, January 16 from 6 to 8 PM. This event is free and open to the public. Grab a friend and pop in to hear from these two talented artists! Keep an eye out for future artist receptions - there will be one for almost every exhibit!